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Wagner Petrilli - Confissão

The new album ‘Confissão’ by guitarist and composer Wagner Petrilli, encompasses the most compelling aspects of the music of Brazil, and more.

Innovative arrangements combine the mandolin-like cavaquinho, all manner of Brazilian percussion and textures of bass clarinet, vibraphone and melodica. Brass, strings and vocal chorus are tastefully placed adding breath and intrigue. Petrilli’s lush guitar voicings are woven into every piece.

‘Confissão’ features a stellar cast of Brazilian music aficionados, jazz and classical musicians. Percussionist Maninho Costa plays all the instruments of the bateria in Petrilli’s original samba ‘Quem vai Rir’. The rich orcherstral arrangement of ‘Valsa Desiludida’ features the voice of Guinga. The Orixia rhythms of the Afro-Brazilian candomblé religion are infused throughout, most obviously in ‘Onda do Mar’ sung by Leila Pinheiro. The title track ‘Confissão’, showcases Kevin Turcott on flugelhorn in a new bossa nova. Vocalist Pedro Quintal joins Canadian jazz bass and piano player Don Thompson. Filó Machado sings on ‘Choro pra Lembrar with Reg Schwager on electric guitar.


Those are just a few of the players in this dream ensemble.

Even through the album was recorded at several studios, over the course of a year, in both Canada and Brazil, producer Mark Duggan and a large cast of sound engineers have crafted a beautiful, cohesive work.

The album release was part of the 2014 TD Toronto Jazz Festival. Lula Lounge was filled with the loyal community who come to all Brazilian shows.

As a regular attendee of both jazz and Brazilian music events in Toronto, I’ve noticed that there is little overlap of audiences. ‘Confissão’ is a world class album. The jazz crowd need to pick this one up and run with it.   


© Gloria Blizzard is a Toronto-based writer
      Photo: Wagner Petrilli

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